Uncovering PA: Touring the Eagles Mere Air Museum

“Northeastern Pennsylvania is an area known for its amazing outdoor activities. However, if you’re looking for something different to do, don’t like outdoor activities, or are simply trying to pass the time on a rainy day, the area is also home to many great museums. One of these is the Eagles Mere Air Museum.

Located halfway between the tiny boroughs of Eagles Mere and Laporte in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, the Eagles Mere Air Museum is one of the more impressive private collections in the state.

Eagles Mere Air Museum

That’s right, the Eagles Mere Air Museum features the collection of one man, George Jenkins. Jenkins started the museum in 2008 at his private airport, Merritt Field, which he opened in 2001.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to watch some of the museum’s historic airplanes taking off or landing here. It might be hard to believe, but despite all the planes in the collection being at least 60 years old, almost all of them are still flown on a regular basis.

That makes the Eagles Mere Air Museum a wonderful living museum of early aviation history. And, while a few planes may be zipping above you, most of the planes are located inside the airport’s four hangers, which are located right next to the runways.

The Eagles Mere Air Museum is home to roughly 30 vintage aircraft, with a focus on aviation between the World Wars. Many of the airplanes at the museum are the best remaining examples of their particular model, with several being the only remaining one.”

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