Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide

Capt. E.S. Chase stood at the edge of the lake one January day watching his grandchildren. They asked him why he couldn’t build a “real good” toboggan slide down the slope of Lake Avenue. It was a logical idea. Capt. Chase had a “finger in every pie” in the development of Eagles Mere. He had moved here from Williamsport in 1886 and continually initiated projects such as laying out the street plans of the village, planning and cutting the Arrow Paths and our well known Laurel Path around the lake. One of his monumental contributions was sounding out and making a map of the Eagles Mere Lake depths theretofore unknown.

He began work on a design and method for building a toboggan slide that would be safe, sturdy and continued pleasure for Eagles Mere residents.

The slide today is executed from these original plans using Capt. Chase’s planner and his method of grooving the ice.


  • The Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide is located on Route #42 at the top of the hill in the historic village of Eagles Mere
  • To find out if the slide is in operation, please call the slide information hotline 570-525-3244