Eagles Mere Air Museum

The Eagles Mere Air Museum is devoted to showcasing airplanes, aircraft engines, and related artifacts of the immediate post WW1 period through the late 1930’s. This “Golden Age” of flying and aircraft innovation sparked much social change.

The Museum puts the developments of the period in context through displays of rare craft engines (beginning with the 1st commercially produced engine in 1909), early photos, period toys, and the histories of the pilots that flew the many airplanes exhibited.

If you happen to be visiting on a day when the airplanes are being flown you will likely get to see them hand propped, witness the visceral impact of smoke and noise (nothing like an eight liter V-8 at 1400 RPM), and see them airborne. The 1920’s are still alive in the “Town That Time Forgot”.

1928 Thunderbird-OX 5 V-8 engine (Roscoe Turner plane)


  • 570-525-3187
  • The museum is seasonal, Saturday, May 20th – Sunday, October 15th 2017, closed during the winter months. Operating hours are weekends only, Saturday/Sunday 11:00am – 4:00pm
  • Our collection of aircraft includes planes from 1917 – 1944
  • There are currently 27 aircraft in our historic collection
  • www.eaglesmereairmuseum.org

Address & Airport Information:

Merritt Field
(Private Airport 4PN7)
State Route #42
Eagles Mere, PA 17731